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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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welcome back you are with our team let's take a look at the top stories president obama has apparently authorized covert support for the syrian rebels and their violent drive to oust president asif reports about the order. after washington warned us it stays in power are numbered. also a new video emerges which seemingly shows a cold blooded execution of a pro acid supporters by syrian rebel fighters suited to reveals the side of the war often ignored by a leading foreign media. julian assange and his mother joins the battle to secure asylum for her son in ecuador leading the country's president in the process that
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we can because out of hers and the country's london and the sea while sweden circles for extradition and. believes is a cover for eventual prosecution the us. next r.t. exclusively speaks to christine asuncion ecuador about the five for her son and america's role in the process. thank you very much christine have for being here today with us in this show. just to start how do you feel about the work that your son has done and the effect that it's had on the rod on and policies of the united states the reactions that have occurred since then and that but also on his life and and your as his mother or the perception that you've had of his work and what he's done when he initially started with he really told me that he was doing something to the.
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people of repressive regimes to be able to whistleblowers citizen whistle blows to be able to get the truth out of that and some of the abuses that were happening in the country and for you that's what happened and he circles in any way in which he received awards. but then when the documents kind to you we keep the extra books on america. for some reason. to produce documents that other countries go to suzee united states was embarrassed his life become three. so i have two reactions one is the mother of course i wish she'd never done and said nothing but as a citizen hadn't visited with helixes. to intense fears in the world about the pieces of corruption kidnapping extortion.
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torture. and fraud involved big financial institutions of course i completely support my son so can you talk a little bit about your son who has joined us and. his knowledge to walk a lot of the media says he. has a very simple if he. has started over to really stick to it is quite even still has quite a little to work i. don't only wiki leaks snakes if you mix is not for profit organization and they are on modest wages including julian. so this was not in any way to create it. in financial impact some people excited and he's. he's actually quite a shock to some. only which attracted the media when the really when the. in a few sort of big way when the american disclosures came because he needed to do it
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with you. so it's not really his way to kind of became friends. and if you knew him personally you would find that it's a little different from what you think it came as it's much more relaxed his has a very good sense of humor. he would smile and laugh what did you imagine i mean growing up even in his early adult years that this is something that he could have done had he wanted to be a physicist. and. molecular physicists is another word for it he wanted to discover. the source of the universe that was what he wanted to do and i guess it's a similar sort of thing he's always been to that truth in some form. of his scientific truth or philosophical truth. so he has credibly inquiry
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and even the little boy. his question was always why on earth is the inquiry he's actually quite a creative person when he was about five he used to pick up the harmonica and play blues how very very intellectually he can also draw a bit of fire in essence person that chosen to direct it and he can write beautifully so he's chosen to direct his energies into we keep the x. which is basically. journalism combined with engine it. is a good father who is the young falcon and many people don't realize this that. at a certain point julian's. did his son's mother was unable to care for. julius and his fifty and. it was a single file that they knew to use. and he had to sell custody of his son from the
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time he was a day not so old and he gave up his studies. gave up his career to study hard and look after my grandson until he went to school and then this work part time after that so that he could be his own man does he just have one child there to his two children and i don't want to talk of course because i'm trying to protect the family that now or do you think that your son's life is in danger absolutely. from the beginning. from the u.s. from politicians and for. music comics have it's was screaming out his mood in the most brutal while they seem to be no. hilltop at all in how they were feeling. calling out for the crucial for the sick move inside to move against myself. and still in the last few weeks.
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there's been a fox who says his integrity because fox news crew paid the balance who was screaming at julian's execution this is somebody who is not right or has done nothing more than any good investigative journalist would do just to be truthful one is one very very words for where you obviously are advocating for your son are you here particularly to advocate for his political asylum request is the authority to scream god to me so that i could speak to him that there were no knew that the conditions in this tragedy for example by the government has invented him can you talk a little bit about that yes well unfortunately for australia. we have a. prime minister who is really can only really be described as set up for the us to approve all writings twenty seven percent of people are not happy with it which was and from the beginning the prime minister. condemned my son.
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in the media sticking ahead of a case which is unafraid often a strategy to speak about a case and commits judgment upon a person prior to a trial she jeopardized his right to due to the presumption of innocence by saying that what he did was even. she actually proved preceded the american government in those statements and. despite the fact that this trial in federal police. some two weeks later. after this decided to do it had broken no laws at all industry and the u.s. treasury had refused to politically sweep the leaks because they could find no crime that is being commuted destroyed in prime minister julia gillard. continued to defy my son in the media do you think that the australian government would hand
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julian over to the united states if they had the part about have done so and so we you know this is a great concern given that the united states has been labeling its own citizens in this little terrorists. so with that mary could being within the top five countries executing their own citizens in the world and that actually is cooperating since now as you know a sieve and. from what he tonight. this is a great concern and so your son has been possibly fastly accused most likely fast the accused he's now been detained for over a year and a half in england and there appear to be secret grand jury against him in the united states and request for severe punishment against him what do you think would happen to julian if he were actually to the united states. had some fist hand if emotional the sludgy have been apart from what they're doing to one of their own
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soldiers bradley manning. which the un report on torture says is cruel and inhumane treatment is very concerned i was on a payroll. it cambridge capital city of these and one of the at this because it was at his trial you called david hicks who's been sick she's in guantanamo bay now. president obama came to office with a promise to close it down guantanamo bay but it hasn't been cause and effect this thirty billion dollars with the. fiberoptics going to go as we speak. and told me told all the all you guys about his treatment guantanamo bay and this is something that we could expect to do if not worse because david hicks was a very moderate by so. i am terrified what will happen to myself. so kristina here in ecuador or to support his request for political asylum you've
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met with foreign minister you've met with the president do you think that he's going to get political asylum here i can't say that all i can say is that. was very impressed by the level of intelligence and knowledge already that the foreign minister and the president and his other ministers of the dozen ministers today as will head off the case much more that my government is willing to meet they do know all they've been given the evidence have no understanding of. the street visit you to the people there was doing was. i feel very confident going to be with these good people i thought that the concert for chile was to you and. they have expressed that they believe the case is political and it. really disgraceful the way that the rule of law is being abused and the use of my son's
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human rights and equal rights and. they are going to be looking at every detail. so they can make it sound decision and they're leaving no stone unturned to find at the truth and that's all i can ask of them it disparage the documents they're vampires by wiki leaks have been incredibly useful for many of us doing investigative reporting in latin america because of course they are disclosed all kinds of different evidence of us meddling in the affairs of other countries in the region and particularly against those that have progressive governments. yes if i didn't have much time you've got that the one the one country one cable that moves me the votes with the haiti cable if you read ahead to give it a read yeah many of them share news carried into the u.s. to take advantage of a country that was going to pour country that was going through to defeat this quake and to use that black lives to try to get the minimum wage
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attempts a day out all refused in the eye. to block attempts by venezuela to reduce the cost of oil to sixty percent so that you could do is hospitals and schools and then for the u.s. embassy to syndicate pull back from haiti to the u.s. say the gold rush is on to the same u.s. contractors who were found doubling quotes in routing after hurricane katrina. after i read that had met was it when. i looked at others that that was the one that i think touched my heart the most. of the lack of a fix. in the crucial material was to do that to a country it's a poor country suffering with that amount of disgrace and we thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us today thank you.
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president obama has apparently authorized covert support for the syrian rebels in their violent drive to oust president asad reports about the border come after watching the war now six days in power are numbered. also many a video emerges which seemingly shows the cold blooded execution of from mass and supporters by syrian rebel fighters the footage reveals the side of the war often ignored by and leading foreign media. julian assange just mother joins the battle to secure asylum for her son in ecuador meaning the country's president in the process that we can expect a terrorist and the countries wanted amnesty while sweden circles for extradition and what the song believes is a cover for the prosecution in the u.s.
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. that we have lines here on our t.v. and sports next with kate. thank you for joining me for the latest sports on day six of the london olympics and here are the headlines. double second russia claims silver in diving and fencing begun without a top posting finish first day running. wild goal of the world record of hungary wins the men's two hundred meter breast stroke with the fastest ever time. on britain's best olympian torticollis champion bradley wiggins wins the men's time trial to claim his fourth overall and in peak gold. but first russia's run of medals continues at the olympic games is two so it was a bronze from day five in london first a fencing u.s.
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afia village got six over in the individual saber event ensuring the number two seed reached the final but she lost last to green pugin young who was the slight underdog to the former world champion however it was still so but the russians tensors adding to the bronze they picked up in the men's individual safe while another silver came in dramatic fashion in the diving china spat of kin calmly and new you told me let's roll six rounds to claim gold but russia india is the heart of a new guinea because that stops not so hot from america on my very last dive with a spectacular four and a half somersault top while the road slightly over seven sky a celebrated her second bronze of the games in the twenty nine kilometer time trial won by american kristin armstrong retained the title germany as well champion you don't look so. good for the first medal was the hardest to get the second one in the time trial was quite expected for me although it could have been better than bronze i'm a bit disappointed with the fact it wasn't gold but i'm still proud of myself i gave my all at the olympics and it paid off. and in the meantime maria sharapova
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remains on course for the golden grand slam of tennis she's won all four majors needs just the. title for the full set and she's through to the quarter finals after beating germany's sabina lisicki also in the last eight years for the russian maria kirilenko however viewers on their i lost to serena williams and i do put throwback is also out while in badminton russia's women's doubles team of various iraq and i mean obviously have gone through to the semifinals after having a helping hand as full of the world's top pairs two from china one each from indonesia and south korea were disqualified for not trying hard enough in their group stage matches of all this thursday due date has been russia's go to sport so far these games with two goals in the bones and they're hoping to add to that tally through. and data must tell you the event of was the latest russian to win a medal and was confident about his compatriots chances. want to go he is the reigning world champion currently the strongest one in his weight of course it's
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hard to make any predictions but he's been in his best shape recently so let's hope luck will be on his side. but in the meantime in women's basketball rushes through to the playoffs after beating high score a briton sixty seven sixty one in the third match of group b. twenty second off these charges started poorly training twelve two in the first quarter but they recovered in the second game twenty nine twenty seven heads last time and despite a hectic final quarter the russians held on to claim victory here getting out value call that was the top score up with twelve points and a five also saw another world record in swimming hungary's that will go to one gold in the men's two hundred meter breaststroke beating the previous mark by three hundred of the second britons michael jamieson finished second one to rio. and. while another world record also tumbled in the respective women's event rebecca suddenly blew away the field and the previous fastest time in the semifinals and
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the american is now the red hot favorite to retain her title from beijing. and over into cycling abroad. bradley wiggins claimed gold in the men's time trial the tour de france winner needed fifteen minutes and thirty nine seconds to complete the four triple going to course that was forty two seconds possible in german world champion time martin won't follow britain chris froome to take to the podium line up sixty eight two hundred thirty two year old london that is not great britain's most decorated olympian seven medals four goals one silver and two practices. are never ever going to experience anything like that ever again in my sporting career on home soil in olympic games. you know these last six weeks i don't think i'm ever going to talk to my sporting greeno winning that's all i'm coming back and we need a harbor the beginning and a force that big old man. is still coming over here but he's just.
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a vodka tonic you know. now russia are expected to dominate in all seven weight categories in the wrestling in london while trying to improve on their beijing medal hole four years ago three gold two silver and bronze broncos the red introduces the team. basic google for one bronze in beijing in the fifty five kilogram class four years ago is the only one of the seven wrestlers making a second dylan bigots and this time though he will try his luck one step forward this week in the sixty kilogram division jamal adar soldano will defend the russian colors in the lightest fifty five k. division that breeds on european champion won his ticket to london by defeating world champion victor live a diff in the russian nationals. into the sixty six kilogram class were a long go guy it is certainly on the why of course after the twenty two year old won the most recent european championships and the russian side so in st petersburg
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the gun position for a place in london in the seventy four kilo category was widely considered the main event of the russian nationals in st petersburg featuring a clash between the sydney champion of downside and suits on a world champion uprising and they did denise our wish despite his brother bo bice or supports who is a three time olympic champion himself citee of lost even target the coveted place on the team. with a ship of russia's republican about jean o'boyle korea to wrestle in the eighty four kilogram class while that's once a twelve european and russian champion of the salon debbie so will try to rule the match in the magic sixty loads of vision the super heavyweight category one one it's going to take features the explosive d'agostini build muscle the missed the previous games john illness. olympic wrestlers are in for five ballots if they are to go all the way that is starting on the fifth of august ramon koester of ortiz.
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now made it on to football in spots at moscow have officially unveils the latest signings argentinian center half in saudi and sweden midfielder i can tell stuff twenty nine year old play my cat kallstrom has signed a three year day off to spending the last. five years at french giants male where he scored nineteen goals as well as adding to sixteen overall for sweden while twenty seven year old center back inside all day has been playing for boca juniors for the last two years and was part of the team that won the argentinian premier league last season. for a long time from some it was the moment for me to find a new challenge have the possibility to come to a big club there are fighting for the champ championship it suits me very well so you know i'm here to try to help spotlight when we need games and win the championship. as well this set of players definitely means we'll be up there fighting to finish top of the league and as well as the squad we have
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a set of highly qualified coaches that's why i think there's no doubt in it with such players we must be in contention to finish top. of the covers and finally former england superstar david beckham was left up to great britain's football squad in lympics but instead he's in the usa preparing for a friendly against his former side while madrid was out the seven year old is back on the pitch just days after taking part in the opening ceremony for the game's beckons current club the los angeles galaxy trying to hold its first a big match in california the major league soccer champions will be hoping for a bit of revenge after losing hundreds of the spanish giants two years ago beckham is due to return to london for the closing ceremony but before that he's relishing the prospect of taking on right now. you know i've been on both sides of the fence you know observe played for real madrid a match you know i think coming over here enough play for the galaxy against both teams so. you know it's always it's always a game that you know especially young players look forward to because they you come up against some of the best players and obviously one of the best managers in
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football and you know the experience of playing in these games is a succession of for the kids so yeah of course i enjoy it. and that's what the sports news for this poll is and more into hours time. if they shoot something inappropriate from the public they can easily be shown. casualties of war ok. i wish he would have never happened but it has. been a warm a t.v. camera becomes an unnecessary what does their own safety all foreign nationals
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including journalists and inspectors should leave. and it's clear what happens with such witnesses i got him on my site. many checks. hirsch's shooting on our. the. blind rush is going to be soon which brightened if you knew all about song from finest impressions. moves from stunts on t.v. dot com. download the
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